Partnering with educators to develop resilience in families

Straight talking common sense strategies and skills for happier, more harmonious families.

    Resilient Families Articles Focus On:

  • strategies to reduce stress
  • techniques for effective communication
  • practical suggestions for better life-work balance
  • skills to manage conflict effectively
  • help to develop a positive outlook
  • skills and strategies to enjoy better relationships

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Resilient Families brings clinically proven early intervention within reach of every family.

This programme is the perfect collaboration between Educators and Health Professionals, allowing you to influence best practice outcomes for children and families while building collaborative partnerships within your community!

The Resilient Families programme delivers:

A collaborative approach between educators and health professionals to optimise mental health in families and build capacity for parents and care givers

Early intervention that starts at home

Research based articles, written by clinicians for families

Material that teaches practical strategies for emotional self regulation, effective communication and positive conflict skills

Support for parents and caregivers to help them model resilient thinking and behaviour

A weekly article delivered digitally, ready to forward to your database

'Done for you' content for inclusion in newsletters and parenting support initiatives


Digitally delivered articles give easy access to common sense, practical information and strategies that help families function better and enjoy great relationships too.


Resilient Families is the perfect collaboration between educators and health professionals, influencing best practice outcomes for families while building collaborative partnerships in the community!


You can support the healthy development of children by educating families in resilience strategies and relationship skills. True early intervention starts at home.

What makes us different ?

We have developed the Resilient Families programme in answer to the need we see as practitioners. Parents and care givers are struggling to cope with the demands of modern living and children are suffering too. Many times parents fail to model resilience simply because they lack essential strategies for managing emotions and communicating effectively. Overwhelmed and unable to model good coping strategies, the domino effect influences the entire family and other significant relationships.

Helping educators build partnerships with families and meet quality standards

It’s revolutionary!
Resilient Families was born out of the belief that parents with access to quality support and education will transform the future of families and communities. Join us in delivering quality mental health resources where they're needed most.

Resilient Families is a quality resource that will help you meet and exceed National Quality Standards

Professional, practical and purposeful.
Share this resource with your school community and support the wellbeing of families.

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